Bike Lube - Dry

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The only non-toxic, non-flammable dry lube on the market! Apply to chain, wipe clean and let dry over a few minutes and you're ready to ride. Works best in dry and dusty conditions. 
  • SUSTAINABLE: Plant-Based and Biodegradable
  • NO PETROLEUM: Always 0% Petroleum or alcohols  (Most chain lube is made from petroleum 🙁)
  • EASY TO APPLY: For a fast + smooth ride
  • OPTIMAL CONDITIONS: Moderate to Dry

The 4oz bottle is eco-friendly! It is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best wax ever

Been using their stuff for a while now and it is the best hands down. So smooth. So fast.

Favorite lube

The dry lube is my go to for everyday riding and racing. Works well and I love the easy to use cap design.

Keeps chain clean as a whistle

Love the dry formula, I use it year round. My chain stays clean and doesn't pick up dirt and grit like other formulas. I'm also getting longer chain life. I tend to lube almost after every ride, for those that wait until the chain gets noisy their results may differ.

Jim Harvey
Best lube!

Love this green quality lube!!!

Demetrios Papas
Good product after a few tries

Very thin and light viscosity and does not seem to trap a lot of dust. Appears to compete well with PFTE based lubes in that category but may require reapplication more often. Too soon to tell. I like the idea of a biodegradable lubricant but would like to see more details and evidence of how it breaks down and what it turns into. Trying to find a PFTE/ PFAS replacement lube for dry conditions.

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