Conditional Decisions: When to Use Dry Chain Lube

Cycling as a whole is a hugely diverse and expansive pursuit. Subcategories span gravel, mountain, road, and each of those have their additional respective disciplines and niches. It's an area where performance and sustainability often seem at odds, but innovative products like mountainFLOW's Dry Chain Lube are reimagining what's possible for sustainable products that seek to push the limits of performance without messing up the places we love to ride. 

Why We Love It

mountainFLOW's Dry Chain Lube stands out as a high-performance lubricant designed to excel in dry, dusty trail/road conditions and is the perfect companion to mountain and gravel riders where the going gets... you guessed it, DRY. Bikers can rely on it to maintain smooth chain operation and reduce friction in dusty conditions because it goes on wet and evaporates on the chain meaning it won't attract particulate like lubes that go on wet and stay wet.

Why It's Better Than Petroleum-Based Lubes

The shift away from petroleum-based lubes is pivotal for sustainable cycling practices. While conventional lubes may offer immediate performance benefits, they often come at the cost of environmental harm. Petroleum extraction and processing contribute significantly to environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. By opting for mountainFLOW, cyclists can actively support the transition to cleaner, greener alternatives without sacrificing the quality they demand.

What truly sets mountainFLOW apart is our steadfast commitment to sustainability. Unlike traditional chain lubes that rely on petroleum-based ingredients, we make our products from plants. This choice not only minimizes reliance on finite fossil fuels but also contributes to lower carbon emissions and a reduced ecological impact because what goes on your chain eventually comes off.

Moreover, mountainFLOW's Dry Chain Lube is both biodegradable and non-toxic so you can apply it at the trailhead, in your yard, or literally anywhere else you may need to put chain lube on. 

Does It Work? 

Absolutely. Yes. Affirmative. We're confident that our Dry Chain Lube performs equally or better than anything else on the market. 

When To Use It

Wherever the trail, road, etc. get dusty and dry. Dry Chain Lube is specifically formulated to excel in dry, dusty conditions. It goes on wet, providing ample time for application and ensuring thorough coverage on each link. Once applied, it quickly dries to a clean, dry finish on your chain. 


In today's world, where environmental consciousness is paramount, every decision counts. Cyclists, as stewards of the outdoors, can lead by example through equipment choices. By choosing companies like mountainFLOW, cyclists not only enhance their own riding experience but also contribute to a sustainable future for the sport and the planet.

mountainFLOW's Dry Chain Lube represents a significant advancement in the cycling industry—a testament to how performance and sustainability can harmoniously coexist. By harnessing the power of plant-based ingredients and eliminating petroleum from the formula, we've created a product that exceeds performance thresholds while not f****** up the planet.

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