VIDEO: Waxing Tips, Athlete Edits, + More



WAXING TIPS | Hot Crayon Technique: The easiest and most sustainable way to wax your skis or snowboard. This technique will save you money by using much less wax and it will save you time with an easier application process.


SKI POLE TIPS | How to Apply Pole Baskets: This is a quick tutorial on how to apply the mountainFLOW pole baskets. For those that want the cliff notes version, it's just "Push, Twist, Twist". Enjoy the poles!

HOW TO USE THE IR WAXER | IR How To: Learn tips and techniques for using your new IR Waxer in this comprehensive 3-minute video! 

WAXING TIPS | How To Wax Like a Pro: Learn how to wax your skis with pro skier Grete Eliasson.


WAXING TIPS | How To Quick Wax: George talks about why and when to use mountainFLOW's Quick Wax, and goes over best practices for applying our high performance and plant-based paste wax to ski and snowboard bases!

 WAXING TIPS | How To Base Prep: George talks the various uses and advantages of our plant-based Base Prep wax and goes through the best ways to get skis and snowboards ready for winter shredding or off-season storage.


WAXING TIPS | How To Rub-on Skin Wax: George goes over mountainFLOW's plant-based Rub-on Skin Wax: a portable skin wax for climbing skins that improves glide, prevents icing, and can even be applied while you're on the skin track! Keep a tin in your backpack or pocket for every uphill adventure!

 WAXING TIPS | How To Spray-on Skin Wax: George presents mountainFLOW's plant-based Spray-on Skin Wax: a robust skin wax for climbing skins that improves glide, maintains kick and traction, and prevents ice and snow from building up! Watch to learn best application practices as well as pro tips! Perfect to use before a big day of skinning or in between days on a hut trip!



ATHLETE EDIT | Colby Stevenson - Ignite

From Colby: With the month of February wide open (no competitions), we set out to build jumps and shred lines in Utah and Wyoming. The name IGNITE came to mind because it really lit the fire inside to ski and film backcountry for many years to come!


ATHLETE EDIT | Colby Stevenson - Antidote:

Colby Stevenson putting on a clinic at Mt. Hood while getting back on snow after a long break from park skiing due to the Pandemic.


ATHLETE EDIT | Earn Your Turn: A Chamonix High Mountain Guide Story - Pica Herry 

In this portrait discover the story of a simple man who finds his fulfillment in sharing and living. Across the mountains around the world, Pica has dragged his board preaching respect for nature and a love of discovery. At home, his family, friends and clients tell us about his commitment and describe what makes this man an example to follow.



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