Bike Lube - Wax

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Wax based bike lubes provide all of the lubrication without any of the mess. Apply like a normal oil-based lube and allow 5 minutes to dry. Once dry, it will be bonded to the drivetrain but it won't collect any dirt or grime. Works best in dry and dusty conditions. 
  • SUSTAINABLE: Plant-Based and Biodegradable
  • PETROLEUM-FREE: Always 0% petroleum (Most chain lube is made from petroleum 🙁)
  • EASY TO APPLY: For a fast + smooth ride

The 4oz bottle is eco-friendly! It is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. 

Customer Reviews

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keith harrod

I bought your product because you met a cyclist named Diego in Redstone CO and you were on the video he posted on you tube, so far the lube seems ok and clean

Hudson McNamee
The cornerstone for all conditions

It's like the bed of rice or pasta to an amazing dinner: not the standout flavor, but absolutely necessary for the complete meal experience. Best used with a pairing of the dry or all-weather lubes to make for a bomber experience that lasts for several rides before re-application. Once I started, I couldn't stop. High performance with no environmental cost: killer combo.

Im a Convert~!

As a coach of the Park City MTB team, I have found the product to stand up to the rigorous test of 100+ plus high-desert rides a season. Im glad to be promoting to my team and on my socials. Thanks for helping the planet guys!

Great eco-friendly!

I have to admit I've been pleasantly surprised. Often a true eco product comes with a caveat towards outright performance, but I didn't find any downsides in this case. As long as guidance on the application is followed, this lube worked a charm in the dry and mildly damp conditions I have been riding in lately, with very little mess or accumulated dirt and grime building up on the chain and jockey wheels.

Good for your chain, good for the environment

Being an avid outdoor recreationalist, I appreciate it when there is an option to use plant based lubricants verses petroleum based. After all, the environment is important to me. This plant based lube is doing what it's supposed to do thus far. It's been warm and dry for months now up here in the PNW, perfect conditions for this lubricant. My gears and cogs seem quite happy and are running smoothly under its care. When the rains do eventually return, however, I will likely need to use one of those petroleum based lubricants again.

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