Why to Wax Your Chain

Are you waxing your chain? If not, you definitely should be! mountainFLOW's plant-based chain Chain Wax is a greener alternative to traditional petroleum-based lubes that won't have you sacrificing performance. Made from renewable ingredients, this eco-friendly solution offers excellent lubrication and chain protection while minimizing environmental impact. Even the bottle is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. 

Key Benefits:

1. Biodegradability: Unlike petroleum-based lubes, MountainFLOW's plant-based formula breaks down naturally, reducing pollution and harm to ecosystems. Because everything you put on your chain eventually comes off. 

2. Performance: The slick formula reduces friction, ensuring smooth shifting and efficient power transfer. It forms a durable coating that repels dirt and moisture, keeping the drivetrain clean and extending chain maintenance intervals.

3. Safety: Free from toxic chemicals found in petroleum-based lubes, MountainFLOW's plant-based wax provides a safer option for cyclists and mechanics.

You don't have to sacrifice performance for environmentally safety with your chain care routine. With mountainFLOW's Wax Lube, you're getting the longevity of a hot wax with the ease of application of a standard chain lube and you don't have to worry about dumping petroleum on your trails when the product eventually comes off your chain. 

Performance first. Sustainability always. 

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