Bike Lube - All Weather

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One bike lube to rule them all! This light oil works great in just about every riding condition and can be used on mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, tri-cycles ... you get the idea.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Plant-Based and Biodegradable
  • PETROLEUM-FREE: Always 0% Petroleum (Most chain lube is made from petroleum 🙁)
  • EASY TO APPLY: And always fast + smooth
  • VERSATILE: For moderate/mixed riding conditions

The 4oz bottle is eco-friendly! It is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Chester Chow
All Weather bike lube

Easy to use and fast clean up. Will buy other bike lube for future

It works and it works well

Great lube! Works well in a variety of conditions. Held up well in dry, dusty environments without gunking up too much. Also works well on wet rides and doesn't manage to all wash off during the rain. Further, my bike was on my roof rack during a rainstorm and even at highway speeds there was still some lube left when I checked on it later. Good stuff.

Great lube for mountain biking in dry conditions

I live in the desert, and I mountain bike in very dry and sometimes wet environments, so I need my lube to handle these extremes. I have yet to test the lube in the mud, since I've only begun using it this summer, but I'm very happy with the lube so far and how it's held up in dry, sandy conditions! I found the lube easy to apply, having the right viscosity, and being neither too runny nor too thick. This compares favorably to a "dry" lube I had been using, which ironically was too liquidy and made a mess when applying. The pedaling and shifting has been smooth, and continues to be after a few rides and several hours on the bike. The chain continues to look clean, without collecting much of the desert sand. And as an added bonus, I like that the lube is plant-based and not petroleum-based. Better for the environment!

Jonathan Sylvester

The lube is good, but doesn't shed like I thought it would in varied weather. Yet when wiped down dirt came off and chain maintained smoothness, but I found that one needs to clean chainrings and jockey wheels as it builds up after one varied weather ride.

Bent T
Good, all-around lube

The mountainFlow plant-based bike lube performed similarly to good-quality wax-based lube in the dry, summer conditions I've been using it. It lasts for several rides of several hours each, and there was not much gunk build-up when riding in dry dirt. I've used this lube for the past month on both my daily commuter and my mountain bike, and I have no complaints. Application is easy, and the resulting shifting is smooth and quiet. Four stars only because I have yet to test this lube in wet conditions, so I can not confirm the "all-weather" aspect of the lube.

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