Conditional Decisions: When to use All Weather Chain Lube

Understanding when to apply the right chain lube can significantly impact your cycling experience and the longevity of your bike components. mountainFLOW's All Weather Chain Lube, a high performance plant-based and petroleum-free product is a great way to keep your chain shifting smoothly while NOT dumping petrochemicals on your favorite trails because what goes on your chain does eventually come off. We make a lot of different chain lubes so here's where we breakdown the All Weather specifically: 

Why We Love It
One of the standout features of mountainFLOW's All Weather Chain Lube is its ability to stay effective in moderate to mixed wetter conditions. Unlike some lubes that may wash off or break down in rain or mud, our All Weather adheres to the chain, maintaining optimal lubrication even when faced with moisture. It's also made from plants, uses absolutely NO petroleum, is biodegradable, and non-toxic. So you can feel good about applying it literally anywhere.

Why It's Better Than Petroleum-Based Lubes
We feel like this goes without saying but we're going to go ahead and say it: 👏WHAT👏GOES👏ON👏YOUR👏BIKE👏EVENTUALLY👏COMES👏OFF👏. Using a lube that is made from petrochemicals means that you will shed those petrochemicals when you're out riding and if you're anything like us, some of the places your bike takes you to are your FAVORITE places to be. So don't dump a bunch of gross chemicals in your fave spots. 

When To Use It
Cyclists who frequently ride in rainy or humid environments will find our All Weather Lube invaluable. Its formulation ensures that the chain remains protected and operates smoothly despite encountering water and mud on the trail or road. This reliability not only enhances performance but also reduces the need for frequent reapplication during inclement weather, making it a practical choice for all-weather cyclists whose local trail conditions trend a little wetter. 

Does It Work? 
Short answer: f*** yes. Even when the conditions are a little more arid, mountainFLOW's All Weather Chain Lube stays reliable, ensuring consistent performance even when it's not perfectly loamy. If you're a one chain lube type of person, this is the one for you. 

Choosing the right chain lube goes beyond mere tedious maintenance—it's about enhancing the longevity of your (likely) expensive bike while also protecting the areas you love to ride it. mountainFLOW's All Weather Chain Lube excels in both performance and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for cyclists who prioritize environmental responsibility but don't want to compromise on performance. By using this lube in moderate to mixed wet conditions, cyclists can enjoy smoother rides and contribute positively to reducing their environmental impact. Embrace the future of cycling with mountainFLOW, where innovation meets sustainability, one pedal at a time. 

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