Bike Polish

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mountainFLOW's Bike Polish will clean, shine, + protect your bike. This eco-friendly formula is engineered to remove dust and dirt and add a brilliant shine to your bike.

  • CLEAN: Simply spray onto a cloth and wipe onto the frame. Works great as a waterless wash.
  • SHINE: Provides that showroom shine and sparkle. Safe to use on all finishes - matte, gloss, carbon, etc
  • PROTECT: Our polish imparts a micro-layer of protection that helps to shed dust and dirt.

Packaged in a sweet custom aluminum bottle. No Plastic!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Shiny bicycles!

Great for cleaning and protecting bicycle finish. Makes bike look new. Easy to use. Easy application due to convenient spray bottle. Spray onto a rag and wipe bike down. Avoid getting product on any brake surface, i.e. rims and disc brakes..Highly recommend.

Fantastic for regaining that new-bike appearance

I wasn't sure about this wax at first, but when I began applying it I knew I was in love. And it's so simple. All you do is spray it onto a rag, and wipe onto your bike frame. Instant gleam and shine. It's fantastic. The only thing it can't do is repair all the scrapes and gouges that may be present depending on how good a rider you are. Maybe they can work on that for the next version. One word of caution... As with any bike cleaner, be careful not to get any on your disc brakes. The resulting brake squeal will make your bike be heard clear on the other side of a valley.

Easy to use and effective bike polish

I live up in the Pacific NW and mountain bike on trails and bike parks throughout the year. We have a family of five so trying to keep them clean is not an easy task, especially during the wet seasons. And cleaning the bikes off after each ride is a must. This is the first spray and wipe bike polishing product I've used. Typically I use ones that you spray on the bike and then scrub with a brush. With this product you spray onto a towel and then just wipe. It was surprisingly easy and does a great job! I also love that it's eco friendly and something that I can have my kids use without having to worry about any toxic chemicals. With five bikes to maintain it's an all family task.

Good cleaning solution for clearing dirt/grease

Good cleaning solution for clearing dirt and grease from bikes. It seems pretty mild but with a little light scrubbing, was effective at clearing most of the dirt build up from my mountain bike. Some of the more stubborn dirt took a few rounds of applying the solution and scrubbing to get clean.

Eco-Friendly Frame Cleaner

This stuff really helps get the cleaning job done. I liked that its an eco-friendly, nontoxic product as well. The smell is clean and pleasant but not too strong. Applying it to a clean cloth and polishing the frame was easy and came out with a nice shiny bike after!

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