Why We Love Polish

You know about self care, right? The biking equivalent of a solid self care sesh is polishing your bike. Did you know that mountainFLOW's Bike Polish actually does more than give your whip a wicked good shine? 

Why We Love It

First and foremost, mountainFLOW’s commitment to sustainability is evident in our packaging. The bike polish comes in a sleek, durable aluminum bottle, which is not only reusable but also infinitely recyclable. 

Why It's Better

This bike polish isn’t just about looks; it provides a microlayer of protection for your bike’s frame. This protective layer helps shield your bike from the elements, ensuring it stays in excellent condition for longer while also giving it a super nice shine that works equally well on glossy or matte paint.

Does It Work?

Absolutely! In fact, one of the standout features of mountainFLOW’s Bike Polish is its ability to clean without water. Simply spray it on and wipe off the dirt and grime. This makes it perfect for quick touch-ups or for those times when a full wash isn’t practical. It’s a hassle-free solution that keeps your bike sparkling clean with seriously minimal effort.

When to Use It

Literally whenever you need to spruce up your ride. It works Here’s a pro tip for avid riders: mountainFLOW’s Bike Polish can be used to keep your sticky dropper posts and stanchions moving smoothly. A light application helps reduce friction, ensuring a seamless ride every time.


mountainFLOW's Bike Polish is more than just a cleaning product. It's an eco-friendly, protective, and multifunctional solution for bike maintenance. Whether you’re preparing for a big ride or just want to keep your bike in pristine condition, this polish is an essential part of your toolkit. Embrace the shine, protection, and convenience it offers, and enjoy a smoother, cleaner ride.

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