Wax Kit - Green Circle

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 🟢 Just getting into the wax game? This kit is the perfect place to start! 🟢 

  • WAX IRON: Thick base plate to maintain consistent temperature and a dimpled surface for even wax distribution and smooth float during application.
  • PERFORMANCE WAX | ALL TEMP: Plant-based + biodegradable. Broad temperature range (8 to 30F) works great in most conditions.
  • WAX SCRAPER: Sharp and sturdy, makes the wax scraping process quick + easy.
  • TRAVEL CASE: Sweet travel case

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Customer Reviews

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I’ve never waxed my own skis before, so I was excited to discover this kit geared towards beginners. It comes with an iron, some all-temp wax, a scraper, and two rubber bands, all packaged in a great zippered travel case. I am a big fan of keeping my gear organized, so this kit is worth it to me just for this case! After watching some videos, I learned that you also need a set of brushes, so I purchased those separately, and they fit in the case with room to spare. It’s great that the included wax is plant-based, but you could easily fit additional waxes in the case if you’d like to have more options for different conditions. Overall, I found the whole process easier than expected (and less messy!). I did the scraping and the brushing outdoors and the waxing indoors just using old towels to hold my skis. The wax does not have a strong odor, so I was fine doing this in my kitchen. The wax packaging tells you what temp to set the iron, though it was a little hard to tell exactly what temp the dial on the iron was set to. I would definitely recommend this kit to other beginners looking to start waxing their own skis. It would also be a great gift for a skier. If you are already more experienced, you might opt for the “blue square” or “black diamond” kit which come with more waxes and accessories.


Tested this on my skis that have about a seasons worth of use on them. A few small gouges and plenty of scratches. The instructions that came with the kit covered about 80% of the process (left of the part about scraping). The kit is easy to use and I like the plant-based wax. The ironing took about 10 minutes to get it down as smooth as I could. Another 10 or 15 per ski and scraping to get it where I wanted it. Had to reheat the wax a couple of times, but overall, I think it gets easier as I try it out more. Really happy to have this kit for preseason and occasional tuneup. Packs up and do a nice case for easy transport. Barb wax probably gets through about 4 to 6 skis total.

Can’t wait to use it!

I ordered and got the kit and it got here super fast.
Looking forward to using it.


Always thought about waxing my own snowboard and had an opportunity after receiving the moutainFLOW eco-wax Kit and was really excited. The carrying case is compact and the fact you can store all the materials needed to wax your snowboard/skis and keep it in one place. Especially if you decide to take the kit with you on a road trip it's all together! Definitely, like the fact the product is eco-friendly and made from plant based material. Prior to using the product, I watched a short video on how to use everything. I prepped my snowboard and it took a short minute for the iron to heat up. I had it set to 120degree Fahrenheit and dripped the wax over the snowboard. Spreaded the wax and once that was done waited about 15minutes and used the scraper that came with the kit. I know some kits have a brush but this one did not and that would have been useful for after the scraping process. Overall, the kit had everything you needed to start waxing and just made the process go with some ease knowing you have the basics right there. Looking forward to seeing how well I did and how well the wax does on the East(ICE) coast!


I've never waxed my own skis before (have always taken them to the shop, or have rented) so I was pretty intimidated at first. However, I like that the kit comes with a QR code that links to a How-To video. The kit came with the plug in iron, eco friendly wax, and scraper. After watching the video a few times, I actually found the process of waxing my own skis to be quite easy. I also love that the wax is eco friendly so I don't feel bad about harming the planet when the wax naturally comes off the skis with use. The zippered box is also aesthetically pleasing (the top is a pretty sage green color) and functional with the top handle.

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