Wax Kit - Double Black Diamond

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♦♦Experts Only♦♦

Pro-level kit with everything you need to make sure your skis are running fast no matter what winter throws at you! 

  • NEW Infrared (IR) Waxer: Requires less wax and less scraping so your bars go way further while helping your bases more efficiently absorb the wax. 
  • Happy Norwegian Tuning Stands: The Official Tuning Stand for Norwegian Ski Team makes ski tuning easy and works great for all types of skis + snowboards!
  • Wax Brushes: Brass, horsehair, and nylon brushes have you covered for all phases of the waxing process from prep to polish. 
  • Hot Wax Set: Includes: Cold (-5 to 15F | -21 to -9C), Cool (10 to 25F | -12 to -4C), Warm (20 to 36F | -7 to 2C), + All Temp (8 to 30F | -13 to -1C)
  • Moly Wax: Anti-static and anti-dirt, the nano particles of our Moly Wax form a barrier that keeps out corrosive dirt and also protects against static friction from cold, dry snow.
  • mountainFLOW x Voile Ski Strap: 20" long, versatile, strong, and super easy to use. 

Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed

Everything looks like quality, and great shipping/packaging. Everything seems to work well. Just did a few waxes (way faster/easier/cheaper/less wasteful than traditional waxes) and had a nice ski (skate skis). This kit is great for daily skiing in AK. Easy/cheap/fast enough to wax at the start of each week with appropriate temp, as is my plan.

One con that's easily avoided: Be careful with the IR waxer. The cord positioning gives it a weird balance, and it fell off a stool the first time I waxed. Nothing broke and I'm more careful now, but that's the only con. I also wish there were a few more detailed youtube videos explaining how not to burn ski with this waxer (is it less powerful than conventional IR heaters?) and how to ensure wax is fully impregnated into ski. The current YT video is a little fast and not detail oriented enough.

Brian Stevenson
Game Changer

I got the IR Waxer and kit after seeing a demo at the 12 hours of Sunlight Race. I've been hot waxing skis for 2 decades and not having to scrape (and clean up) is such a bonus. It makes waxing super easy and the performance is great.

IR Waxer works great

IR waxer works great and the stands are great too. The only thing it is missing is a travel box like the blue square kit to store the IR waxer, waxes and brush set

Isaac B.
The Whole Shebang!

I'm super stoked on this! Everything in it is high quality and now I'm fully dialed. I especially love the IR Waxer which makes waxing my skis super easy and way less messy.

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