Ski Pole - RE.7+

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We're stoked to offer the industry's first ♻️ recycled aluminum ♻️ ski poles. They're lightweight, super durable, and sustainably made. The RE.7+ features: 

  • ULTRA STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT, & DURABLE: space-grade 7075 aluminum offering the same strength, weight, and corrosion-resistant properties of virgin aluminum and is 2x stronger than poles made with 6061 aluminum
  • SUSTAINABLE: manufacturing process emits 95% less carbon emissions than virgin aluminum
  • RUBBER GRIPS: ergonomic grips made from high density rubber for extra comfort and durability
  • SMOOTH STRAP: integrated grip/strap system ensures there is NO uncomfortable buckle on your wrist
  • POLE DIAMETER: rugged and durable 18mm 

Sold as a pair!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Alex Geronime
    Wrist straps are weak

    Wrist strap came apart on my 3rd day.

    Love Everything

    Tested these poles out first day of the season in Whistler BC. First impression is excellent, the poles are lightweight yet sturdy. I like the closed loop strap, with no buckle to catch on other gear. Baskets slip on and twist to secure in place. The grip fits well in my hand as a women, who typical wears size 7 gloves. I also really appreciate the colour design and the fact they are made from recycled aluminum.

    Audrey G
    Strong and light

    I received these products for free from the REI Trailblazers sampling program in exchange for my honest review. These ski poles are wonderfully light and strong and I ike the fact they're recycled aluminum. The grips are a good width and I especially like that the straps are easy to adjust. Overall great product and love the colors.

    Stylish and Light

    The first thing I noticed about these poles was the great grip on the handles. The poles I used for last season we slick and would slip from my glove fairly easily. I can really feel the groves in the handles, which really help with maintaining contact. Boy are they light, maybe I've never had poles that are this light, but I honestly didn't realize poles didn't have to feel cumbersome. I really like the color and design of the poles as well, they really sparkled in the sun and snow.

    Dustin Hughes
    Solid Poles

    I recently got a pair of these poles after snapping some black diamond poles. I do a lot resort skiing in Utah so was looking for a sturdy pole that was lightweight. These have been great! I would highly recommend them.

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