Bamboo Cleaning Brush - Set

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mountainFLOW's new cleaning brushes are made from bamboo and recycled plastic and they're sweet!

  • FRAME BRUSH: Super soft bristles to clean your entire bike. Safe on surfaces.
    • The long soft bristles are designed to get into all the nooks and crannies and loosen up the dirt and grime. 
  • CHAIN BRUSH: Tough bristles to remove the toughest grime from your drivetrain.
    • Scrub vigorously to loosen up the gunk that is stuck down in the pins and rollers of your chain. This is where the real friction can build up. 
  • ERGONOMIC: Comfy bamboo handle makes the job easier.

♻️ Made from Bamboo + Recycled Plastic ♻️

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michael M
Works like a brush should

Works as intended. Nice soft bristles, cleaned my mountain bike up nicely after a muddy ride. The brush cleaned my bike and did not leave any swirl or scratch marks. Used in conjunction with Mountain Flow bike polish and my bike looks good as new

Clean bike is a happy bike.

Ergonomically position makes this brush very comfortable to use. Soft, fine bristles to assure gentle cleaning of bicycle frame. Rinses well and also quick drying. Maintains its shape after multiple uses. Highly recommend.

Fine brush for cleaning your bike

This bike cleaning brush is excellent for cleaning off dirt and dried mud from your bike frame. The bristles are extremely soft, giving confidence that it will not scratch the bike frame. They were so soft, in fact, that I thought they wouldn't actually be able to knock off the dried mud. But not to worry...the dried mud came off, no problem. The one thing that could improve this brush would be a longer handle that bends or articulates some way, making it easier to manipulate the brush into tight corners. All in all, I quite pleased with the brush.

Great brush!

I live in a dry dusty environment and frequently have a dusty bike after rides. This brush is a great solution to taking off a layer of dust before further washing the bike! It is is a good balance between function and softness. I find that it didn't remove everything, but I'm ok with this as something firmer might scratch the frame. I didn't experience the bristles getting caught in components. As expected, the brush picks up grease. I did wash it with a degreasing solution to clean it. It washed well and dried quickly. I love the ergonomics and size.

Good brush for clearing light dirt buildup

I used this brush to clean accumulated dirt off my mountain bike. A hose down and some scrubbing was all that was needed to clear most dirt. The bristles are nice and soft which is great for not scratching the bike frame but it does make it harder to clear crusted on dirt.

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