Bamboo + Cotton Bike Towels - 3 Pack

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mountainFLOW's new and improved polishing towels will take your shine to a whole new level. These all natural cleaning towels are extremely durable, absorbent, and unlike other microfiber towels made from petroleum, these are made from cotton and bamboo so you don't have to worry about microplastics making their way into the environment. Here's the breakdown for each towel: 

  • DRIVETRAIN: Extra durable cotton cloth to clean chain and drivetrain components
  • FRAME: Soft + strong microfiber to clean the whole frame and is safe on all surfaces
  • POLISH: Wicked soft bamboo velvet for that super shine

Customer Reviews

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When you are looking for just that 'right' towel, this pack makes it super easy and efficient. Quality fabrics for just the right job. Bought two packs one for the bike stand and one for the car for road trips. These guys get it!

John O
All You Need!

This pack of towels has everything you need to get your bike shining after a muddy or dusty ride. The 3 different materials are just what you need for your Drivetrain, Washing your bike and the polish they also provide to create a longer lasting shine. I also love the environmental consideration this company takes weather its with their packaging or the materials used in their products as well. #BackcountryGearheads

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