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🟦 Ready to step up your game? This wax kit has everything you need to take it to the next level! 🟦 

  • WAX IRON: Thick base plate to maintain consistent temperature and a dimpled surface for even wax distribution and smooth float during application.
  • PERFORMANCE WAX | COOL + WARM: Plant-based + biodegradable. Two temperature-specific waxes to ensure that you have a fast, smooth glide in any snow condition.
  • BRASS WAX BRUSH: Perhaps the most underrated tool in any comprehensive wax kit. This ergonomic wax brush will help remove old wax and to expose the base structure after a coat of fresh wax. 
  • WAX SCRAPER: Sharp and sturdy, makes the wax scraping process quick + easy.
  • TRAVEL CASE: Keeps all your tuning tools in one place for travel and storage.

Customer Reviews

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Craig Wildrick
Kit has everything you need!

Waxed our skis for the first-time last year about three times. It is easier than I thought, and it allowed me to adapt to the temperature conditions of late March skiing. One particular trip in late March presented base temps of 37 degrees F. We planned ahead and used the red wax for warmer temperatures including mid-mountain temps of about 32 degrees. It worked better than I ever imagined. While traversing to another lift at the bottom of the mountain, we noticed all of the other skiers were popping off their skis and hoofing it. We found ourselves polling across a very flat stretch of snow with little effort. We laughed at our luck and kept on skiing. The kit is compact enough to fit into my carry-on luggage.


Delivered very quickly! Haven't used the kit yet, but eager to wax my snowboard this coming winter

Rachael Volz

The wax is amazing

Amy L

First time using this kit (and generally speaking, newly self-sufficient at waxing skis) and already feeling it will be a good fit. Aesthetically, it's a well designed box with a handle and smooth zipper that organizes all the essential components, making it easy for transport. The iron has a long enough cord to reach from an outlet to where skis can be set up for waxing, has clear temperature markings, and heats up quickly. The arrow for selecting the temp though is a bit tough to see (it's a raised triangle in the same color as the iron and is located under the handle). The wax applies smoothly and the scraper easily removes the excess.


works great. Box is pretty large for the contents but i guess it is so you can add additional things

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