Hot Wax

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mountainFLOW offers one of the world's only high-performance, plant-based ski + snowboard waxes. 

  • PLANT-BASED: mountainFLOW wax is made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

  • 0% PETROLEUM: Most wax is made from petroleum and anything that is applied to skis/snowboard enters directly into the environment.

  • WICKED FAST: Performs as well as a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax - we’ve run controlled performance tests to prove it!

  • BIODEGRADABLE + NON-TOXIC: mountainFLOW is safe for both the user and the environment
  • SIZE: 130 grams

*100% Stoke Guarantee - If you’re not totally stoked on our wax products you can return em’, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Looking For All Temp Wax

Wanted this wax since it was plant based and never realized how bad other waxes were. Was looking for an all temp wax, since I live in the PNW, where conditions can be a wide variety of temps as well and I don't want to switch waxes or remember what wax I have on my skis. Wax went on super well and smoothed out exceptionally well, probably one of the best waxes I have applied. I took one star off because when I was scraping wax off it chipped off in a few places where my ski was either a little contoured or I added too much wax. But after a re-heat and re-smooth out with the iron, really enjoyed the finished product and it felt great on the mountain!

Wax On Wax Off

Wax was very easy to apply smells quite good not much snow here in Colorado but skied once and it worked great. Would highly recommend to my skiing friends. Nice that it is good for the front range water supply also.

Good wax and good for the environment!

I was thrilled when REI offered me a chance to test this plant-based ski wax. I've been reading about the hazards of forever chemicals (aka PFAS) in the environment and unfortunately, ski wax is a source. That makes me sad since I use wax on my downhill and cross-country skis, but since snow is also our water supply, It seems smart to keep it chemical free as much as possible. I used the All-Temp wax and followed the advice shown in the "Hot Crayon Waxing Technique" video on the MountainFLOW website, which uses less wax by softening the wax on your iron and then rubbing it on the skis. It took me about half of the block to wax three pairs of skis. The wax melts beautifully just like its supposed to and the product website says my hot wax job will last from 4-6 days depending on snow conditions. I tried out my freshly waxed skis on crunchy early-season manmade snow and was pleased with the glide, particularly noticeable skiing from hardpack into the softer snow blasting out of the cannons. I'm looking forward to trying out this eco-friendly wax on grabby spring snow.

corn snow! very tough conditions held up well stay

the day i reviewed it was very cold corn snow up at Timberlin Lodge the wax seemed to hold up well under very tough skiing and snow conditions, seemed to apply evenly with very little effort and stay on

Ed Crothers
Nice Alternative to Petro-based Waxes

I like that the waxes melt at lower temperatures which reduces my concern about damaging the base of my skis. Also, lower melting temps reduce exposure to smoke and fumes from overheated wax. Minor point: the waxes smell good.

My only negative input is that the waxes are not very durable. I find I need to rewax after every other day of skiing. A bit of a hassle, but a small price to pay for an environmentally friendly product.

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