Hot Wax

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mountainFLOW offers one of the world's only high-performance, plant-based ski + snowboard waxes. 

  • PLANT-BASED: mountainFLOW wax is made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

  • 0% PETROLEUM: Most wax is made from petroleum and anything that is applied to skis/snowboard enters directly into the environment.

  • WICKED FAST: Performs as well as a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax - we’ve run controlled performance tests to prove it!

  • BIODEGRADABLE + NON-TOXIC: mountainFLOW is safe for both the user and the environment
  • SIZE: 130 grams

*100% Stoke Guarantee - If you’re not totally stoked on our wax products you can return em’, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ed Crothers
Nice Alternative to Petro-based Waxes

I like that the waxes melt at lower temperatures which reduces my concern about damaging the base of my skis. Also, lower melting temps reduce exposure to smoke and fumes from overheated wax. Minor point: the waxes smell good.

My only negative input is that the waxes are not very durable. I find I need to rewax after every other day of skiing. A bit of a hassle, but a small price to pay for an environmentally friendly product.

Heather McClure

Hot Wax

McCurdy Tony
Slippy stuff

Wax works as promised- ( daily quick wax ) easy to use, however the sponge applicator could be improved as it’s rather difficult to to is. I’m thing a top like shoe shine products use would be much easier to use -

Eric Christensen
Best stuff around!

As someone who prefers to ski in nature, this is as good as it gets. I’ve gone through countless bars and love the performance. Most places you shred is someone’s watershed!

Mark VanTine
Good wax

Works as well as the petroleum based products without the petroleum.

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