Bike Maintenance Kit Plus

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Take your on-the-go bike maintenance to the next level with our BMK + Altangle Hangar Connect kit. The BMK comes with everything you need to keep your bike shifting smoothly and shining brightly with the added modular benefits of a go-anywhere bike stand. 

BM+ Kit Includes: 

  • BIKE LUBE | ALL WEATHER: Bike lube for all conditions and all seasons. Plant-based + biodegradable
  • BIKE WASH + DEGREASER: Strong enough to degrease your drivetrain but gentle enough to use on the entire bike
  • BIKE POLISH: Clean. Shine. Protect. Our Bike Polish adds a brilliant shine to your bike and helps protect it from dust and grime
  • BIKE GREASE: For your non-drivetrain related lubrication
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH - FRAME: Super soft bristles to clean your whole bike. Safe on all surfaces
  • BAMBOO CLEANING BRUSH - DRIVETRAIN: Stiff bristles to remove the toughest grime from your chain and cassette
  • BAMBOO + COTTON BIKE TOWELS (3 PACK): No microplastics here! Includes a durable cotton drivetrain cloth for your chain and groupset, a soft + strong microfiber towel to clean your frame, and wicked soft bamboo velvet polishing towel for making everything shine
  • ALTANGLE HANGAR CONNECT: The Connect is a 'mount anywhere bike stand' perfect for those who find themselves working, riding, or living in dynamic situations. Ideal for #vanlife or any sort of modular lifestyle on the road

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Reed
The Complete Kit

Mountain Flow makes some of the best products on the market for your bike. The bike lube and cleaners work as advertised and are also plant based! The kit even has an awesome bike stand that allows you to take the kit anywhere and work on your bike. Trailheads, pre-race hotel room, your truck, an apartment, nothing is off limits for dialing in your bike before a big ride.

Exactly what I need!

I have been looking for something to make race prep that much easier and this was it! The kit comes with everything I need to keep my bike tip top and the stand really rounds it out, super compact and easy to travel with. Now I can tune my bike in my apartment and on the road with the same stand that takes up almost no space. Psyched!

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