Bamboo Cleaning Brush - Set

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mountainFLOW's new cleaning brushes are made from bamboo and recycled plastic and they're sweet!

  • FRAME BRUSH: Super soft bristles to clean your entire bike. Safe on surfaces.
    • The long soft bristles are designed to get into all the nooks and crannies and loosen up the dirt and grime. 
  • CHAIN BRUSH: Tough bristles to remove the toughest grime from your drivetrain.
    • Scrub vigorously to loosen up the gunk that is stuck down in the pins and rollers of your chain. This is where the real friction can build up. 
  • ERGONOMIC: Comfy bamboo handle makes the job easier.

♻️ Made from Bamboo + Recycled Plastic ♻️

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
This set is perfect for maintaining a clean bike

These two brushes compliment each other very well with the bigger brush being perfect for cleaning my frame and wheels. The smaller brush with tougher bristles helps get all the dirt and mud out of my drivetrain. It’s also perfect for cleaning dirty bike shoes!

Annabelle Francis
Perfect size and texture

The large brush has slightly softer bristles which is perfect for the frame because it doesn’t make little micro scratches like my old brush. It also fills with Suds. I really like the smaller one because it’s a bit stiffer and the bristles are long and really get in small, hard to reach places. It takes of caked mud super easily to and just has a very ergonomic feel!

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