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We're stoked to offer the industry's first ♻️ recycled aluminum ♻️ ski poles. They're lightweight, super durable, and sustainably made. The CORKpro features: 

  • ULTRA STRONG & LIGHTWEIGHT: space-grade 7075 aluminum offering the same strength, weight, and corrosion-resistant properties of virgin aluminum and is 2x stronger than poles made with 6061 aluminum
  • SUSTAINABLE: manufacturing process emits 95% less carbon emissions than virgin aluminum
  • CORK GRIPS: ergonomic grips made from up-cycled wine corks
  • PADDED STRAP: super comfy strap made for long days on the hill
  • POLE DIAMETER: 16mm provides a lightweight feel and smooth swing weight without sacrificing durability

Sold as a pair!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome pole, amazing customer service!

I went through a few different poles before finding these gems!

The biggest struggle I had was the grip. They just didn't feel right on a lot of poles, but these grips are awesome.... The grip spacing is wide enough for my gloves and the poles are very lightweight. They also seem very durable as well.

Nice big baskets for pow!

Customer service was incredible.

Highly recommend!

Jenny B
Love me some minty poles

After an extremely delayed start to the ski season, some would argue that it really hasnt even started yet at all, myself included, I finally got up into the mountains to test out these rad minty poles. Im short, so the 110 are just the right size for my 52 frame. I was a little disappointed that even on the 110 size, the preformed cork grips are much too large. Once you slap some big ski gloves on that whole thing goes away, but if you were to use them for touring without gloves or just in little liners on the uphill, the grips would feel very swimmy. Dont know if making the grips smaller on shorter poles is a thing but maybe it should be. The baskets are large enough that I think you could use these for the backcountry if you are the sort that doesnt mind a pole that is the same height on the downhill as it is on the uphill seeing that they arent adjustable. They are light enough that you could carry them on a long tour. Now onto the fashion. The color is great. I do love a non-traditional color on things. Mint might not be my first choice, but its growing on me. Anything is better than a white pole on white snow. I used these poles inbounds on a wet day and they performed exactly how you would want a pole to act! As in, they didnt break, they didnt bend, and they helped on the skate when it got flat. I have yet to take a hard fall on them (that seems to be the culprit when Ive bent poles in the past) but they look and feel like they could take a beating and still keep on being arrow straight. All in all, a great pole. Love the fact that they are recycled aluminum and up-cycled wine corks! A conversation starter if ever I heard one.

Solid Pole, Great Daily Driver!

These strike a fantastic balance between structure and weight--they're not too heavy but still an absolutely SOLID performer! Completely transparent performance on carving, soft moguls, and hop-turns. They accomodate solid pole-plants with no noticeable wobble or vibration.--sturdy (but skinny!) I really enjoy the clever simplicity of the wrist straps which are easily adjustable and do not rely on a plastic buckle, but rather a cam/stopper. They are easily adjustable and they didn't wander even when I would get lazy and lean/push on the strap rather than properly grip the pole while skating. I was concerned (but pleasantly surprised) about the shape of the grips --with widely set and deep ridges, I thought they would be annoying as they seemed quite a bit larger than my bare hands-- but in gloves it was my grip never slipped! :) The cork grip looks rather nice, performs well, and could easily be sanded down if I decided to make a more customized shape. They have a good sharp ice tip, the basket is removable/replaceable and the 4" size works great in Utah's ultra-light powder (tested in 28" of Utah's finest) --and did I mention it still feels light? These have become my "Daily Drivers" for inbounds skiing and gentle sidecountry forays!

Excellent light weight poles for any level skier

I used these poles during the first snow of the year, Santa Fe NM. I received them and put them together in second, I particularly liked that they are made out of 100 percent recycled aluminum. The combination of aluminum and cork make them super light weight and they look quite nice. Im 5 2 so with the rise from my skies the 115c poles fit perfectly. They seem like they would hold up to intense mogul skier to someone who prefers a meandering easy way to the bottom. I do highly recommend them and dont think you will be disappointed.

Comfortable and capable

These poles are actually great! I thought the recycled aluminum was just going to be a gimic, but they are light and comfortable. First, the cork grips. Although they don't make much of a difference with winter gloves on, they are uber comfortable when using them in lift lines or even for hiking (without the baskets). The baskets are a nice size. My Salomon baskets are very small and struggle in deeper powdery conditions. These provide a nice base from which to push off from. Lastly, love the adjustable straps. If you are using the straps correctly (see picture), you may need to adjust the length of the strap so that your hand fits ergonomically in the grips when you have downward pressure on the straps. These provided a good amount of adjust ability. Once I get them dialed, I may trim the excess material and re-finish the edge to make it a bit cleaner. Overall, great poles for the value.

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