Infrared (IR) Waxer

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Our new patent-pending IR Waxer is a game-changer for at home waxing. It's the tuning tool you never knew you could live without! 

  • EFFECTIVE: IR waxers help the bases to absorb wax. You can actually watch the wax disappear into the bases as you are waxing
  • SUSTAINABLE: These devices use very little wax. Plus there is no wax being scraped off the ski and onto your floor
  • EASY TO USE: IR waxers eliminate the need for scraping. Simply brush out the bases and you're ready to rip!
  • SAVES MONEY: They make your bar of wax last much longer

ALL THE PERFORMANCE. NO SCRAPING REQUIRED. Get the performance of a full hot wax, without any of the scraping!

    Customer Reviews

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    Jeremy R
    There is a better way...

    I absolutely love this thing. It is faster (but not necessarily easier), it saves wax and it keeps the garage clean (and the wife happy).

    Crayoning the wax on is easy but the greater effort is in holding the iron over the board to heat the wax into the base. It isn't a herculean effort but it isn't as easy as running an iron back and forth over the board. What is easier is finishing it after waxing. In my case I finish with a nylon rotobrush which is WAY easier than scraping. It also produces almost no mess on the garage floor which keeps me on my feet instead of my ass when I walk out in my socks after waxing.

    Oh yeah, the mountainflow people are awesome to work with as well! Ordering is a breeze and they are highly responsive. What more could you want?

    Jay Schimke
    My new IR Waxer

    I haven’t been able to use it yet but it looks like it will work great for all of the ski's and a snowboard we have!! Can’t wait to try it!!

    I actually wax my skis now

    I actually wax my skis now. It takes 75% less time, 99% less wax and is 99% less messy. I did the science.

    Hot stuff!

    Love that I don’t have to waste wax and get it on the floor. With the IR waxer I can wax in the condo without making a mess! However I wish the “feet” were insulated so I could set the IR waxer on the table or other non-stone surface while the IR waxer is cooling. The current feet are still burning hot after the IR waxer is turned off.

    Christopher Orozco
    Game Changer

    The Mountain Flow IR Waxer is a game changer. Im someone who often has multiple pairs of skis (and wifeys boards) that needs waxing, yet I often procrastinate putting the time and energy into waxing them myself. The IR waxer has really changed that. Its much faster than traditional waxing with an iron, requires using far less wax, and removes the need for scraping afterwards. I cant imagine going back waxing my skis without it!

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