HappyNorwegian Tuning Stand

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HappyNorwegian’s Mr. Grippy makes ski tuning easy and works great for all types of skis + snowboards!

High friction rubber above and below ensures that the skis are stable as you scrape, brush, clean, grind steel edges and much more.

  • Sold in pairs (2 pieces).

  • Materials: Composite and high friction rubber

  • Cleaning: Wipe off with a damp cloth

  • Official Tuning Stand for Norwegian Ski Team

  • Add on optional tray for extra storage space!

Note: The center slot used for tuning side edges will fit about 95% of skis. However, if your skis are fully rockered or abnormally thick, you might have a tough time fitting them in the slots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
alex vargas
HappyNorwegian Tuning Stand

Great tuning stand

Rafael Trias
Easy to use for both skis and snowboards!

These have been great because they are more compact, stable, and grippy than my previous setups with the added benefit of a stable way to work on edges! I have been waxing/tuning skis and snowboards at home for the last 15 years and have used cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, and sawhorses. These have worked great either on the floor (in a pinch) or table (better on the back). I have not used vises because of the cost and method of mounting (I do not always have something to mount vises on). These are easy to travel with and set up to help others tune their equipment. Mountainflow customer service was helpful with taking care of an unusual issue. Thank you for the service and the products!

Mark Tabah

Excellent service

Tom Feyereisen

HappyNorwegian Tuning Stand

Will P.
Better than a ski vise!

Have tried several dedicated ski vises over the years and always ended up using yoga blocks for general mounting and tuning. Blocks worked, but these are sturdier, set-up and stow much quicker than vises, and there are no more metal shavings in my wife's yoga blocks!

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