Wax Kit - Black Diamond

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 ♦ Ready for a World Cup-level tune? This wax kit has it all! ♦

  • Happy Norwegian Tuning Stands: The Official Tuning Stand for Norwegian Ski Team  makes ski tuning easy and works great for all types of skis + snowboards!
  • Wax Iron: Thick base plate to maintain consistent temperature and a dimpled surface for even wax distribution and smooth float during application.
  • Performance Wax | Cool + Warm: Plant-based + biodegradable. Two temperature-specific waxes to ensure that you have a fast, smooth glide in any snow condition.
  • Brass Wax Brush: Perhaps the most underrated tool in any comprehensive wax kit. This ergonomic wax brush will help remove old wax and to exposure the base structure after a coat of fresh wax. 
  • Wax Scraper: Sharp and sturdy, makes the wax scraping process quick + easy.
  • Travel Case: Keeps all your tuning tools in one place for travel and storage.

Customer Reviews

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Good quality

Great kit

Miranda Smith
Works ok

The kit is great and everything arrived in order, however the iron does not seem to stay at the right temp. The light turns on and off and I had adjust it several times to smooth the wax over my board. I’ve used this brand of iron before and didn’t remember these issues so hoping it’ll improve next time. All in all, I like the kit as a whole and the case, as well as the stands for the board.

Hi Miranda,

Thanks for the feedback. When the light turns off, it indicates that the iron has reached the desired temperature. It is normal for the light to turn on/off as it maintains the temperature. When the iron touches the wax, some of the heat is transferred to the wax and thus the iron needs to heat up again to get back to temperature. Usually this temperature swing is only a few degrees. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us howdy@mountainflow.com

Kathleen Thompson
Great Piece of Equipment

Really is just great. Customer service was very nice as well.

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