Infrared (IR) Waxer

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** We are currently sold out but we have a new shipment that will arrive in mid-march. You can order now to reserve your unit **

Our new patent-pending IR Waxer is a game-changer for at home waxing. It's the tuning tool you never knew you could live without! 

  • EFFECTIVE: IR waxers help the bases to absorb wax. You can actually watch the wax disappear into the bases as you are waxing
  • SUSTAINABLE: These devices use very little wax. Plus there is no wax being scraped off the ski and onto your floor
  • EASY TO USE: IR waxers eliminate the need for scraping. Simply brush out the bases and you're ready to rip!
  • SAVES MONEY: They make your bar of wax last much longer

ALL THE PERFORMANCE. NO SCRAPING REQUIRED. Get the performance of a full hot wax, without any of the scraping!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great concept, so efficient.

    Just Bought an IR Waxer. Great concept. A small hiccup 1 of 2 bulbs burned out on first usage. After a short misunderstanding RaceWax and MountainFlow are getting my unit fixed up so I'll be ready to keep waxing.

    As for the concept. This makes waxing so efficient and produces much less waste. If you have a family in the sport, this unit will pay for itself in one season. I've got about 3 snowboards and 5 sets of skis to wax for the family. At $30 for each piece of equipment in the store, the unit is pretty much paid for.

    Paul Koller
    Infrared, Ultrahandy!

    The IR waxer has changed my basement workshop. While I am not enoygh of an expert skier or waxer to authoritatively compare the results with more conventional waxing' I really appreciate the speed, simplicity, and especially the neatness of the process. It is wonderful not to have to clean up wax shavings that result fromnscraping. The time savings are significant too. I can tell I will be waxing more often now and vacuuming a lot less.

    Great waxer, falls over easy

    I am loving the crayon method and the IR waxer does a nice clean job, I just wish it had better feet to stand on, the weight is really awkward and I have dropped mine a couple times before tying a rope through the handle to secure it while doing other steps. I see myself needing a few replacement bulbs as time goes on.


    Not thrilled with it, tried the “crayon” method of applying wax, wax doesn’t disappear into the base and you still have to scrape your base. Wouldn’t recommend for the price

    Hi Jason - thanks for the feedback. This is the first that we have heard of this issue. I have a couple of thoughts that might be helpful ...

    - First, do your skis or board have white bases? If so, it will take longer for the IR Waxer to heat the bases. In general, black objects absorb light energy much faster than white objects.

    - Secondly, are you waxing outside or in a very cold environment? If so, it may take longer for the bases to heat up. Since there is little to no mess, you might be able to move the whole waxing setup inside.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions. We're always happy to troubleshoot with you.

    Wax saver

    You guys must not like to sell wax since I doubt I’ll go through a block of wax in 5 years using the IR weekly!

    I was a bit skeptical of this thing but happy I bought it if for no other reason that it creates zero waste wax from scraping.

    I feel like it takes a little more time to wax since the IR isn’t as fast to melt the wax as an iron. But the saved money spent on wax is worth it.

    It’s easier to see when it’s up to temp and the wax is melting into the base structure with black ski bases.
    Feels like warming up the bases before rubbing in the wax helps the process but maybe I’m imagining that.

    Less wax on climbing skins too!

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