Wax the F@$% Episode 4: Why we Scrape

Scraping is a part of the waxing process... (well until the IR Waxer came but that's another post ūüėČ). Scraping is as much a part of the process as, we don't know, drinking beer, or watching a ski movie while you do it. But¬†why do we scrape? If you've ever wondered this, you're in the right place.¬†

Plain and simple: scraping not only removes excess wax that would otherwise cause uneven friction on the bases of your skis, it is a way to expose the base structure which, if you remember from past episodes, is what is ground into the ski to aid in the movement of water along the base when you're going downhill. If the ski is totally smooth with a layer of wax, you'll feel that sticky, suction-y type of feeling that most skiers and boarders know all too well. Why does this happen? Because the base structure of a ski is similar to a lattice in that there are high points and low points. 

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