mountainFLOW x Weston Collaboration for Winter 23/24

mountainFLOW Eco-Wax and Weston Backcountry Announce Exciting Partnership for Sustainable Slopes

We're thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Weston Backcountry, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality skis and snowboards. This collaboration aims to bring sustainability to the forefront of winter sports by integrating mountainFLOW's eco-friendly wax into Weston Backcountry's product offerings.

As part of this partnership, Weston Backcountry will apply mountainFLOW Eco-Wax as the OEM factory wax on their skis and snowboards before shipping them out to customers. This initiative aligns with both companies' commitment to reducing their environmental footprint while also delivering the highest quality products.

At mountainFLOW, we've gained widespread recognition for our innovative, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly wax solutions. Derived from plant-based, non-petroleum materials, mountainFLOW products offer high-performance waxing options while minimizing harm to the planet.  

Freshly waxed Weston skis with mountainFLOW's All Temp Wax

"Partnering with MountainFLOW was a natural transition for Weston," commented Alex Blanchard, Sustainability Manager at Weston Backcountry. "Paying attention to little details, like the quality of wax, makes a big difference in the overall performance of our products. Being directly intertwined with the backcountry, we also have an inherent understanding of our impact on the environment. Making the switch to MountainFLOW wax for our boards and skis has allowed us to achieve both of these goals, improving the on-snow performance while reducing our dependence on petroleum-based products. We're stoked to be working together, and we encourage others to join in the movement!"

Sticker showing the skis have been waxed with mountainFLOW

“We always been huge fans of Weston and were stoked when this partnership came to fruition. Both companies are dedicated to performance AND sustainability, so there were definitely some natural alignment.” Said mountainFLOW Founder Peter Arlein. “Not to mention, we are both located in the Colorado River Watershed, so it only made sense to work together to protect the health of this natural resource.”

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the winter sports industry, as two leaders in their respective fields join forces to make skiing and snowboarding more sustainable.

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