IR Waxer Launch

mountainFLOW Revolutionizes Home Waxing

With New Handheld Infrared Waxer

We're stoked to announce the launch of a new Infrared Waxer, the company’s latest product connected to their successful sustainable wax and tuning solutions and a new innovation that brings professional-grade waxing into the homes of winter sports enthusiasts everywhere.

Infrared waxers have long been a staple in professional ski shops, delivering exceptional results. Now, mountainFLOW empowers individuals to achieve the same results without leaving the comfort of their homes by harnessing the power of infrared technology and revolutionizing the waxing experience. 

“This is the fastest, easiest and  most fun way to wax. And, it’s also super sustainable,” said Peter Arlein, mountainFLOW Founder and CEO. “Our IR technology allows the DIY waxer to use significantly less wax and eliminate the entire scraping process. Furthermore, the infrared light encourages wax base penetration deep in the base for superior glide and durability.”

IR Waxer curing wax on a ski as wax is applied right in front of it

One of the standout features of mountainFLOW’s infrared waxer is its remarkable effectiveness. With this innovative device, users can witness the magic as the wax seamlessly absorbs into the bases of skis and snowboards, giving riders the confidence that their equipment is receiving optimal treatment, resulting in enhanced performance on the slopes.

mountainFLOW remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, and the Infrared Waxer aligns perfectly with the company’s vision. These cutting-edge devices utilize minimal wax, reducing waste and promoting eco-conscious practices. Moreover, with no wax being scraped off the ski and onto the floor, users can enjoy a cleaner and more efficient waxing process, making the Infrared Waxer a sustainable choice for both the environment and the home. 

In addition to the convenience and sustainability aspects, mountainFLOW’s Infrared Waxer also offers significant cost savings. By maximizing the absorption of wax into the bases, it effectively extends the life of each waxing session and skiers and snowboarders can make their bars of wax last significantly longer, saving money in the long run. 

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