ecoTOUR Pole Launch

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the ecoTOUR, the industry's first adjustable ski pole made from recycled aluminum. These poles offer a groundbreaking combination of lightweight construction, exceptional durability, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The ecoTOUR ski poles are crafted using space-grace 7075 aluminum, providing the same strength, weight, and corrosion resistant properties as virgin aluminum. In fact, these poles are 2x stronger than those made with 6061 aluminum, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability on the slopes. The high-strength aluminum construction guarantees that skiers can rely on the ecoTOUR to withstand even the most demanding mountain terrain.

One of the key aspects of the ecoTOUR is its commitment to sustainability. mountainFLOW’s innovative manufacturing process for these ski poles emits 95% fewer carbon emissions compared to the production of poles using virgin aluminum. By incorporating recycled materials mountainFLOW is actively reducing the environmental impact and setting new industry standards for eco-friendly ski equipment.

Athlete touring in Antarctica with the ecoTOUR while roped up

The ecoTOUR poles feature ergonomic rubber grips made from high density rubber, ensuring maximum comfort and durability during long days on the slopes. Additionally, the extended grip design allows for easy side-hilling, providing skiers with enhanced stability and control. The integrated grip/strap system eliminates the need for uncomfortable buckles on the wrist, delivering a smooth and secure skiing experience.

Designed to withstand the rigors of backcountry touring, the ecoTOUR poles boast a rugged and durable 18mm upper diameter, complemented by a 16mm lower diameter. This configuration strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight, resulting in an impressive strength-to-weight ratio that allows skiers to conquer challenging terrain without compromise.

 The ecoTOUR’s lightweight design culminates in a mere 19.9 oz. weight per pair, allowing skiers to minimize unnecessary weight without sacrificing strength or durability. Whether navigating steep ascents or carving through fresh power, these adjustable touring ski poles offer the ideal balance of performance, comfort, and environmental consciousness. 

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