Why We Love Our Bike Wash + Degreaser

Everyone knows you need to clean your bike. The cadence between cleans, however, is vastly different. Some of us wash our bikes after every ride while others may do it once a season ūüėÖ. At mountainFLOW, we've made it easy to wash your bike wherever you find yourself. Because our Wash + Degreaser is biodegradable, nontoxic, and free from petroleum, we're minimizing the amount of excuses for not washing your bike.¬†

Why We Love It

mountainFLOW's Bike Wash + Degreaser is a testament to our commitment to both performance and environmental responsibility. Available in a convenient spray bottle that in itself is a 70% reduction in virgin plastic compared to traditional plastic spray bottles, it caters to riders looking for an easy-to-use solution that delivers consistent results without degrading the planet in the process. We also make a 4x concentrated formula, designed for when the going gets very dirty. This means you get more cleaning power with less product, reducing waste and environmental impact. 

Why It's Better

One of the standout features of mountainFLOW as a brand is our dedication to sustainability. Our bike Bike Wash + Degreaser is biodegradable, petroleum-free, non-toxic, and derived from plant-based ingredients. That means you can clean your bike on grass, someone's flowers, or by the river without feeling guilty about dumping a ton of nasty petrochemicals. 

Does It Work?

Short answer: f*** yes. Whether you're tackling a weekend trail covered in mud or prepping your bike for a race, it effectively cuts through grease, grime, and dirt, leaving your bike sparkling clean and ready to ride.

When to Use It

The spray bottle design ensures ease of application. Simply spray onto the affected areas, let it work its magic for a few moments, and then wipe clean. For tougher jobs, the concentrated formula can be diluted according to what level of suds you're looking for.  


In an industry where performance and sustainability are increasingly intertwined, we've emerged as a leader. By choosing mountainFLOW, riders not only enhance their biking experience but also contribute positively to environmental conservation efforts. The shift towards plant-based, biodegradable solutions sets a new industry standard.

mountainFLOW's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation shines through in our Bike Wash + Degreaser. Next time you reach for a bike care product, consider the impact it has beyond just your ride. With mountainFLOW, you're not just maintaining your bike; you're making a choice that benefits both your cycling experience and the planet we all share.

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