Wax the F@$% Episode 1: Why We Wax

Introducing our newest mountainFLOW series, WTF: Wax the F@$%. In this series, our aim is to take a deep dive into all things waxing and ultimately demystify this world a bit. In our first episode, Dax takes us through Why We Wax and spoiler, it's not just to go fast... waxing does provide glide which, by its nature, minimizes friction against the snow but we're ultimately waxing for *drum roll* ⬇️

  1. We wax for consistency. Without wax, we are at the whim of the snow conditions which are liable to change based on myriad variables: snow temp, amount of sun/shade, the amount of times that particular patch of snow has been skied, etc. Waxing allows for consistent glide in variable snow conditions so that you control the ski and not the other way around. 
  2. Wax protects your bases and extends the life of your equipment. Without wax, abrasive snow crystals grind against the base which is what causes that dry, white appearance on your bases when they haven't been waxed for a while. 
  3. Now let's dive a little deeper. we are actually skiing on water. When skis/snowboards move down the hill, the snow crystals coming into contact with the base melt (because friction) and wax helps to migrate that water away from the bases which is why without wax, you get that sticky/suction-y feeling on the snow. 

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