Wax 101: Wax Brushes

Wax 101: Wax Brush Set Use + Breakdown

Why do we need to brush? Brushing the ski helps expose the Base Structure which is what helps move water across the ski thereby reducing friction which results in a smoother, faster glide than if you were to just scrape. But wait, what is Base Structure? The Base Structure of a ski/snowboard is the pattern ground into base to aid in the movement of water. It ultimately minimizes the friction between the base and snow and breaks the suction formed in high moisture content snow. Achieving the correct exposure of Base Structure requires all of the steps* of ski waxing be done in succession: brushing, waxing, scraping, and then brushing again.

Bear in mind, this list is the optimized progression for conventional waxing. When using our IR Waxer, the process changes slightly: because the IR negates the need to scrape, we recommend applying wax, followed by the Brass Brush, then the Nylon Brush, and finally, the Horsehair Brush. 

But with so many brush options available, when is the right time to use each one? Let's break it down in order: 

Brass Brush (Pre-Wax)

Before applying a layer of wax, it is be to start with the Brass Brush. It's perfect for removing old excess wax in preparation for a new layer. In removing of the old wax, the Brass Brush prepares the Base Structure for optimal penetration of the new layer of wax. 

Nylon Brush (Post-Wax and Post-Scrape)

After you have applied a layer of wax and scraped it off, grab the Nylon Brush. As it has softer bristles than the Brass Brush, it is the first step in polishing the Base Structure of your ski. It also removes any excess wax that wasn't scraped off. Of the three brushes in the set, the Nylon Brush has the second stiffest bristles which help in excess wax removal and initiating a good polish. 

Horsehair Brush (Post-Nylon Brush)

After you've given your skis a solid brush with the Nylon Brush, the final step is to use the Horsehair Brush for a smooth, polished base. Because the Horsehair Brush is the softest of the brushes in the set, it provides a nice shine and removes any lingering wax particles from the ski that would otherwise impede glide. 


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