WAX 101: How to Use mountainFLOW's IR Waxer

How To Use the IR Waxer - Video


1. Crayon the wax onto the ski. If you're using a harder wax intended for colder temps, you may need to do one pass with the IR Waxer onto the ski to heat up the base. If you're using a softer wax, as long as your skis are room temperature, you should be able to crayon on the wax with no issues. 

2. Now that you have a thin layer of wax on the ski, do a pass with the IR over the ski. On the pass, keep the IR a few inches above the ski. You'll see the wax starts to disappear almost immediately. Look for when the wax changes from white to clear; that's when you'll know it has been absorbed into the ski. Once you make it to the bottom of the ski, do one more pass back to the top to ensure maximum absorption. 

IR Waxer makes a pass over freshly crayoned bases

3. Let the bases cool. This should only take around 5 minutes. 

4. Once the wax has fully cooled, grab a brass brush and brush from the tip of the ski to the tail. There is no need to scrape! If you don't have a brass brush, you can definitely use a scraper but given the thin layer of wax on the ski, the brush is the most effective way to remove the excess wax. 

Using a brass brush and moving from tip to tail to remove excess wax from the ski's base

5. OPTIONAL: IF you have a full brush set, you can do the following: start with brass and brush tip to tail, then grab your nylon brush and do the same, and finally, finish with a horsehair brush. If you need brushes, you can get our full Brush Set here


The IR Waxer functions as a next generation iron and replaces your traditional iron for any and all hot wax application needs. 


1. More Efficient: the IR Waxer is the next generation in at-home ski waxing. Because the heat is indirect and you're never actually touching a bar of wax to the heating element, you use far less wax than when you use a traditional iron. 

2. Easier Application: no more gloppy mess. Because the IR Waxer heats your bases evenly as you pass, all you need to do is crayon the wax on. 

3. No Scraping Required: since the wax is crayoned on and cured with the IR Waxer, all you need to do is brush it off with a Brass Brush. You can leave the scraper on the bench! 

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