WAX 101: Hot Crayon Technique

WAX 101: Hot Crayon Technique - Video

The Hot Crayon technique is a mountainFLOW staple and the best way to ensure your bar of plant-based wax lasts as long as possible while giving your skis a comprehensive layer of wax. 

 Hot Crayon Technique in 4 Steps: 

1. If using a conventional iron*, simply touch the bar of wax to the baseplate of the iron and then proceed to "crayon" it on the base of the ski from tip to tail. *If you're using on of our IR Waxers, you can crayon directly onto the ski or you can do a quick pass with the IR in order to heat the base if you're waxing in a non-heated environment.

2. Once you have a layer of wax on the ski, it's time to do a pass with your iron/IR to melt the wax into the base. 

3. Let the ski cool for ~15 minutes (or fewer if you're using the IR). 

4. Scrape the ski from tip to tail. With this technique, you're using far less wax than you would be if you were to drip it on the ski. 

5. OPTIONAL: Grab your brass brush and give the ski a pass from tip to tail. You can then follow it up with nylon and horsehair for a super fine finish but those are pretty much reserved for days you're feeling extra and want that shop-level shine. 

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