mountainFLOW How To: Base Prep

How to Base Prep with mountainFLOW - Deep Clean and Condition Your Base, Enhance the Performance of Your Daily Wax, and Protect Your Gear for Storage and Travel
It's that time of year again! Snow is starting to fall on the high peaks here around Carbondale, and the team here at mountainFLOW can hardly contain our excitement for the upcoming shred season. We're doing all we can to prepare our equipment in between prayers to the Snow Gods, so that our skis and snowboards are tip-top and ready to rip once we can get out there. Our specially formulated, plant-based base preparation wax will take any home tuning set-up to the next level! This wax has been designed with smaller wax molecules that can penetrate deep into the base of skis or snowboards, where normal wax simply couldn't fit.
1. Ensure ski/snowboard base is as clean and dry as possible.
2. Heat tuning iron to 95 degrees C, and use iron to drip liberal amount of Base Prep Wax onto base.
3. Smooth drips completely into your base with iron until layer of Base Prep is thoroughly molten and appears absorbed and consistently thick (be careful to not let your top-sheet get hot.)
4. Scrape according to desired use (see below.)
5. Enjoy our Base Prep's festive fall-time fragrance!
Base Conditioner: Let cool completely before scraping - After a fresh stone grind, it is highly recommended to saturate your bases with our Base Prep wax.
Improve "Wax of the Day" Performance: Scrape excess Base Prep before applying top coat normally - Our Base Prep wax will bind well to your top coat or "Wax of the Day". This helps your top coat wax to last longer. 
Base Cleaner - Hot Scrape: Scrape Base Prep while wax is still warm - Most wax experts agree that a hot scrape is the best technique to remove old wax and truly clean your bases.
Travel + Storage: Wait to scrape Base Prep until wintertime or once you reach your destination - Don't leave your bases naked to the environment! When traveling or storing skis/boards for an extended period of time, a thick layer of our Base Prep wax will protect your bases and make sure they're happy when it's time to rip!

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