Conditional Decisions: When to Use Wet Chain Lube

We've all been there. Even those of us who live where it's arid and dry most of the time: the clouds roll in and you're confronted with a massive downpour. The trails you usually ride on and spray clouds of dust have now turned into loam and you're ready to go enjoy this rare gift. But one question remains: what lube should you apply? Certainly not your old Dry standby... no, these conditions call for Wet Chain Lube. 

Why We Love It

mountainFLOW's Wet Chain Lube is made for exactly what it calls out in the name: wetness. Riders of all disciplines can trust it to maintain smooth chain operation and reduce friction, whether on wet roads, saturated gravel, or even soppy, sloppy enduro races. It's your go-to when you're hankering to pedal and the clouds open up. 

Why It's Better Than Petroleum-Based Lubes

Unlike conventional chain lubes that rely on petroleum-based ingredients, mountainFLOW lubes are made from plants. This conscious choice not only reduces dependence on finite fossil fuels but also contributes to lower carbon emissions and a reduced ecological footprint. Which is all fine and good but ultimately the products need to work. And boy howdy do they work well. 

mountainFLOW's Wet Chain Lube is also biodegradable and non-toxic because even on the wettest days, what you put on your chain eventually comes off and you don't want to be the person shedding gross petrochemicals on your favorite bike park, do you? 

The shift away from petroleum-based lubes is crucial for the industry as a whole. Petroleum extraction and processing are significant contributors to environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. Not to mention they're gross for the environment when they eventually come off. 

Does It Work?

You bet it does! The sloppier, the better. 

When To Use It

Wet Chain Lube is specifically formulated to excel in soppy wet conditions. It applies wet to ensure thorough coverage and protection against water ingress, thereby preventing corrosion and rust on the chain and drivetrain components. Even under heavy rain or muddy trails, this lube maintains its effectiveness, keeping the chain running smoothly and quietly throughout the ride.


Our Wet Chain Lube represents a significant leap forward in the cycling industry—a testament to how performance and sustainability can harmoniously coexist and you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. By leveraging the power of plant-based ingredients and eliminating petroleum from the formula, mountainFLOW has developed a product that meets the rigorous demands of riders while respecting our planet. 

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