Infrared (IR) Waxer 1.0

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You've probably seen Infrared Waxing machines in your local ski shop. Now, you can have the ease and effectiveness of an IR waxer right at home.

  • EFFECTIVE: IR waxers help the bases to absorb wax. You can actually watch the wax disappear into the bases as you are waxing
  • SUSTAINABLE: These devices use very little wax. Plus there is less wax being scraped off the ski and onto your floor.
  • EASY TO USE: IR waxers require very little scraping.
  • SAVES MONEY: They make your bar of wax last much longer.

NOTE: We are not manufacturing these products. We have found the product that we believe works the best and are acting as a reseller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aaron VIlla
Great for waxing

I always like finding new ways to do things! Compared to old way of ironing on wax. Infrared uses less wax and seems to melt wax more efficient!

Matt Anderson
Time saver

The IR waxer is saving me time and materials. In just the few times that I have used the IR since receiving it, it has cut my wax usage & scraping time by 90%.

Corey Levin
Thing is awesome

For someone that waxes as much as I do, this is a must. Cut’s my time to 1/3 of what it used to be and uses about 1/32 of the wax I’d use with an iron. Worth every penny!

Takashi Kobayashi

Infrared (IR) Waxer

Great ski tool addition.

-saves time (if only doing IR waxer)
-saves on wax (if crayon wax)
-takes 3-4 passes over ski to absorb into base

-doesn’t leave the shiny finish as well as iron on wax
-doesn’t cover blemishes on the ski base as well as wax & iron

Being a very meticulous old school ski tech:
Overall I vote a combo of IR waxer & ski iron for top on snow performance. If you are short on time & patience the IR really does a good job of getting the wax deep into the base. Hope this helps.

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