Plant-Based Water Bottle - 600ml

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The future of water bottles is here. Other bottles are made entirely of petroleum but this one is made from plants! They feel the same and hold water the same but are more sustainable. 

  • VERSATILE SIZE: 600ml volume fits most bottle cages
  • PLANT-BASED: Made from corn (70% corn/30% LDPE)

Customer Reviews

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Best H2O

Love the water bottles! Gave them out at Christmas 🎄! Big hit!!!!💗

John Hennessy
Great water bottle for all your thirst needs

This water bottle is perfect for all your drinking needs. It fits great in a bike cage and thanks to it and MountainFlow I no longer have a drinking problem!

Hudson McNamee
No L's for this Water Botte!

Color: you can't lose it. Eco-guilt: none. Washability: 3 weeks of Heed mold growth, threw it in the dishwasher, no remaining scent or specks whatsoever. All W's no L's.

Kendra Budell
No Timeout Necessary!

I hate, hate, hate the off-gassing timeout that plastic bottles need before I feel comfortable drinking from them. (And let's be honest, that never fully happens for me. This one gives me peace of mind, knowing that I can wash it and use it right away. Lugging glass or stainless steel adds weight to whatever else I may have to bring with me. I also like that I can drop this, and it won't break or dent. Whoever did this, is to be thanked. Heavily!!!

Sam K.
Freakin' Awesome!

This one seems like a no brainer. The bottle feels just like my old one but this has a much cooler eco story. Fits my MTB cage perfectly. High Five mountainFLOW!

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